Before the wedding, every couple is excited to capture their bond of love before weddings. This shoot is well known as a Pre-wedding photoshoot. With the advent of the era of social media, every couple wants to have a memorable pre-wedding photoshoot. They select outstanding locations and dresses for the special. Apart from a stunning location and well-dressing, the thing that will heavily affect your pre-wedding photography is your makeup. 

The time had gone when people only dress up nicely in an awesome location and photographers capture their bond of love. Nowadays people are so obsessed with photography that they want a cinematic pre-wedding shoot that captures their memories before marriage for a lifetime. So, to make your shoot even more attractive one must hire the best makeup artist for a pre-wedding shoot.

Makeup artist for Pre-wedding Shoot in Rishikesh

Rishikesh due to its stunning locations is a matter of attention for every couple who is thinking of a pre-wedding photoshoot. The presence of mighty Himalayan mountains, greenery all around, and the presence of river Ganga is ample to make your pre-wedding shoot in Rishikesh a memorable one. So, for a good photoshoot in the homeland of yoga, you must search for the best photographer and the best makeup artist for the pre-wedding photoshoot in Rishikesh.

One of the best makeup artists in Rishikesh, Jewel Beauty Creations is ready to make your photoshoot stunning in Rishikesh. Our team will assist you on your shoot day in Rishikesh. Before the pre-wedding shoot, we take special care of your skin so that your best look can be taken out.

Makeup artist for Pre-wedding Shoot in Dehradun

Dehradun, the capital city of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is known for its picturesque locations that can make you feel mesmerized. It is the dream of every couple to capture their bond of love in the stunning locations of Dehradun. This is the reason why the craze for the pre-wedding shoot in Dehradun is increasing. The green surrounding with the naturalistic view can impart the best location for clicking pictures of couples. 

Jewel Beauty Creations is serving as the best makeup artist for pre-wedding shoots in Dehradun to make your shoot an awesome one. With all our makeup accessories, products, and a team of professional makeup artists, we will be there with you all the time during your pre-wedding shoot in Dehradun.

Makeup artist for Pre-wedding Shoot in Mussorie

The queen of hills, Mussoorie is a popular tourist destination since ancient times. The top of the hill renders a paranormal view that can fill your heart, mind, and soul with excitement. Apart from being a popular tourist destination, Mussorie is now becoming a hotspot for pre-wedding shoots. Due to its splendid view and natural atmosphere, the place imparts the perfect location for a stunning photoshoot.

Jewel Beauty Creations is a team of the best makeup artists that are going to render a stunning look on your pre-wedding shoot day. We are the best makeup artist for pre-wedding shoots in Mussorie that helps you to remain fresh, gorgeous, and stunning all day during your photoshoot.

Jewel Beauty Creations as the best pre-wedding photoshoot makeup artist in Rishikesh, Dehradun, and Mussorie understand the importance of a spectacular look in your pre-wedding album. These pictures are not just images, these are treasures for your life that hold your memories and emotions. We are focused on various tips that render an implausible look. These are:-

– Thick eyeliner, pink lips, and flawless skins are the best way to render the finest pre-wedding look. Moreover, one can easily layer this look into a glamorous one

– A sapphire-tinted eyes can help in clicking your best pictures

– Black eyeshadow that is paired in combination with lip colors renders an interesting contrast to your face

– An elegant look can be achieved easily with plum lips and smoky eyes. Moreover, this look does not overpower on the shoot day

– Give your skin a summery and warm feel by matching your eyeshadows and lip color and sticking to a neutral color palette

– A brown or a combination of pink helps in imparting a classy look for a pre-wedding shoot

– Chiseled cheekbones, smoky eyes, and dewy skin helps in improving your look during the pre-wedding shoot