2020 Covid Pandemic had left a huge impact on everyone’s lifestyle. 2020 followed by 2021 are the years that are known only for pandemics. However, the world is now coming back on track since the start of 2022, and so has the make-up industry. People are settled with 2019 makeup trends for the years of pandemics. But in 2022 people are searching for new trends and look in the makeup industry. So, in this blog, we are covering some hot new makeup trends to be followed in 2022.

New Makeup Trend 2022

Luminous base

In 2022, a dewy and minimal base is going to knock on the doors of the makeup industry. the luminous base can be easily achieved with the help of a dewy primer. This will eventually help in a good sitting of your makeup and add glow to the skin. A luminous base can be followed by a light layer of concealer and foundation. However, the choice of the perfect shade of powder, concealer, and foundation is crucial.

Bright blush

Bright Blush

In the new trend bright blush is considered the best one. Whether you are opting for over-brushing or statement blush, you are following the latest makeup trend. Brighter colours such as punchy pink or bold peach are stealing the show right now. The way of application of blush also changes and it starts with the check’s apple and pulled into the crease of the eyes.

Purple blush

Before the end of 2021, makeup artist starts shifting toward the trend of using purple blush and it is going to impact the 2022 makeup trend. Purple blush seems to be dominating the makeup industry in 2022 as it is unique and suitable for all kinds of skin tones.

No-makeup makeup

This is the perfect makeup trend that can be achieved at your home also. One can use a face moisturiser with a foundation that can even out your complexion. This trending makeup style helps in imparting glowing skin with minimal coverage.

Bold Eyes

A statement or bold eyes look is going to rule the makeup industry in 2022. From eccentric eyeshadow to bold Kajal and graphic eyeliners, these makeup style is in trend.

Glossy lips

Glossy and shiny lips are very much in trend. You can find a hydrated and juicy glass-looking lip everywhere, no matter if you want a brighter colour or a nude lip. Glossy lips with a matte eyeshadow and complexion will be magnificent.

Ethereal Skin

A radiant-looking skin is preferred in the makeup industry in 2022. Thus the importance of applicator, cream, and liquid products is increasing.

Brighter Lips

A statement or brighter lips had made a return to the makeup industry. A red moment or corals and berries are the colours to choose from. This trend can work evenly for each and everyone at any point of the day.

Faux freckles

Gone are the days of hiding freckles, now makeup trend is moving towards faux freckles. While wearing full to the medium coverage foundation, a natural effect of faux freckles forms.

Thin Eyebrow

Thin Eyebrow had managed to take its place back in the makeup trend of 2022. This blast from the past is going crazy on social media nowadays. Thin Eyebrow looks can be created via brow pencil & concealer.

White Eyeliner

White Liner around the eyes is on the list of hottest makeup trends of 2022. A white liner is popped up in the eye’s inner corner and in the inner rim of the eye. For more brightness, a double liner with a classic black liner can be used.

Lower Lash Line Designs

Lower Lash Line Designs is one of the non-traditional ways to wear liner, eyeshadows, and glitter. This design is trending in 2022 makeup styles. With this design, one need not to worry about the type of eyelid.

Metallic Eyeshadow

Metallic eyeshadow is one of the most popular trends in the 2022 makeup style. In this look, a proper amount of pigments must be in your eye shadow so that it catches light easily and renders an implausible look.