Wedding in India is considered as the most sacred rituals that join the bond between the two souls. In India marriage is not only about the connection of two souls but it also creates a bond of love and relationship between two families. In modern times, many rituals and traditions during Marriage in India experience changes. Out of these, the prominent one is the destination wedding. A destination wedding is done when the function, ceremonies, and rituals of the wedding take place away from the home of the bride and groom. Normally people select some magnificent location for the destination wedding. Either it can be a popular tourist destination or a place of mythological importance.

In destination weddings, each and every function from both sides will be conducted in a commonplace. In the recent era, this wedding type is quite famous among couples and they are hunting for the best destination to make their wedding a memorable one. Coming to the list of the various places for a destination wedding in India, the pink city of India holds significant importance. The royal touch with enriched traditions and finger-licking food magnetize couples to plan for a royal destination wedding in Jaipur.

Jaipur is known for its modern and ancient amalgam. Rajasthan itself is known for its royal touch and lavish ancient forts and palaces. The city of Jaipur was built by Maharaj Jai Singh. Nowadays, the city is known as the complete package of ancient and modern architecture. From the timeline of glorified history to the modern-day stuff, the city of Jaipur includes everything. So, a destination wedding in Jaipur can be super smooth. You can easily search for each and every wedding item in the city.

Jaipur city is the capital of Rajasthan that is known for its beautiful architecture, forts, palace, and mythological significant temples. Alone Jaipur city includes three famous forts that include Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and Nahargarh fort along with various heritage sites such as Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, and much more. Moreover, one can also search for famous and royal forts near Jaipur City. These places are very much known for pre-wedding shoots and destination weddings. Destination wedding in the forts of Jaipur makes your Royal wedding dream come true. The city is the preferred location for destination weddings for Indians as well as foreigners.

Not only the royal treatment that magnetizes couples towards Jaipur for a destination wedding. But the rich culture, traditions, delicious food, and soothing ambiance also help in making Jaipur, the right choice for a destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Makeup Artist in Jaipur

Wedding in Jaipur helps in making your wedding memorable. However, the memories can be even more beautiful when you hire a perfect makeup artist in Jaipur for your special day. Hiring a makeup artist is a crucial part of your wedding checklist. Good makeup enhances your beauty and helps in capturing a beautiful frame. So, you must start your hunt for the Destination Wedding Makeup Artist in Jaipur before the date approaches.

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