Pahadi traditional and fashion is one which can never be missed on any cost. Getting involved in a marriage which goes with the pahadi traditions is one of the most blissful experience ever. The traditions and culture of Uttarakhand always magnetize others. However, with the initiation of migration due to the sake of job, money, and secure life, we are losing the true essence of our Pahadi culture and traditions. Moreover, this can leads to a reduction in knowledge about Garhwali culture & Fashion. This blog comprises of all the information about the traditional pahadi attires which enhances the beauty of a Garhwali woman.


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Tehri Nah or Nathuli is one of the famous attire of a Garhwali wedding. It is one of the most important ornament to be wear during the wedding. It is undoubtedly, one of the traditional and trendy fashion styles of Uttarakhand. This beautiful & big nose ring of gold can easily be spotted in every wedding of Uttarakhand. However, it is usually given from the mother’s side of the bride.



It is quite similar to mangalsutra which the bride must have to wear after the wedding. This holy ornament is made of silver using the black beads. 


Hansuli is known as “Khagwali” is a solid single piece and an expensive necklace made up of either silver or gold. Usually clutched around the neck, it is one of the most famous ornaments of Garhwal. It is an essential part of weddings, festivals, social gatherings, family functions, and fairs. Apart from this, hansuli renders the eye-catching look to women during the wedding and festive occasions. Rich Garhwali peoples usually wear Hansuli made of Gold whereas the less affluent prefer silver Hasuli.



Pichora is one of the most attractive pieces of garments that are to be wear over the sari. Pichora is usually having a saffron base ornamented with red polka dots that are made near the “Swastika” symbol. It is made by using traditional and authentic motifs like sun, bells, moon, and conch shells. Floral patterns or paisley are adorned on the borders of the Pichora. Furthermore, a lot of additional works like trimmings, zari work, sequins, and beads are added to these exclusive garments to make them more attractive. Apart from symbolic representation for a bride, it is also worn during religious and social festivals by married women.



Popular in Garhwal and Kumaon belt of Uttarakhand, Pahunchi is bangles that are made up of gold with the red coloured cloth used for the base material. It is one of the Authentic, auspicious, and traditional jewel worn by married women in Uttarakhand during any festivals and functions. However, based on the status of the bride’s family, Pahunchi is usually made in 1 tola or more. The base of Pahunchi is made up of a red cloth on which gold pearls are studded. Apart from the fashionable trend, it is considered to be congenial for married women.


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Pauje is basically silver Payal or anklet made from copper or silver. Although slightly different from anklet worn by Indian women, it is made in a complex web-like design with metallic balls or Ghunghroos. It is undoubtedly an undetachable part of Pahari culture.


Tagdi or Kamarband

Usually, wear around the waist, it is one of the most popular ornaments of Garhwal. Kamarband is made up of silver as well as cloth. Without a doubt, it is one of the traditional attire of Uttarakhand which adds stars to the beauty of Garhwali women. 



Made up of Gold and Silver, this is one of the unique and traditional jewelry of Garhwal. This beautifully crafted necklace usually worn by married women of Garhwal.



Golabandh or “Galaband” is the prominent jewelry of culture of Uttarakhand. Especially worn by married women around the neck, it adds to the looks of women. In Galobandh, threads on the red belt arranged on the square-shaped golden piece.


Kundal or Balis

Commonly known as Murkhli, Tugyal, Munad, etc in various parts of Uttarakhand. Usually worn in the ears, silver or gold adds the shine to the Kundal.

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Kanfool or Karnfool

Usually worn on the earlobe, it is a masterpiece of Jewelry. Without any doubt, it is the most attractive ornament of Pahadi culture.



Worn at the nasal septum, it is one of the exquisite pieces of jewelry of Pahadi culture. However, considered as old trends but still famous in the rural area.


Bichuye or Toe Rings

Bichhuwa are wear on the toes and is an important part of Garhwali culture for married women. Moreover, decorated with designs containing peacocks, petals, Indian motifs, and flowers in the silver metal is one of the most beautiful and traditional jewelry of Pahadi culture.


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