Are you getting confused about picking out the best bridal make up trend for the lifetime occasion of your life?

As the wedding date is approaching nearer, one of the major areas of concern for a bride is to choose the latest makeup trend for the most photographic day of her life. Moreover, Girls always care about their looks on even a normal day. So, the concern for choosing the right makeup trend which is in accordance with the modern generation and trends is genuine. Jewel Beauty creation famed as the best makeup artist in Dehradun and Rishikesh tries to resolve the queries among the girl’s mind. Jewel Beauty Creation renders the top bridal makeup of Dehradun and Rishikesh keeping the bride photogenic and fresh. Some of the best bridal makeup trends for the year 2019 are as follows:-

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Pinkish Eye shadow

Pink is the girlish color that never goes out of trends. With the various shades available ranging from light to vibrant shades, Pink is the most popular eye shadow color among brides and girls. While using pink eye shadow keep in mind to not apply it to the bottom lash line and don’t go for the shade that is too red.

Monochromatic Makeup

Monochromatic makeup is the art of rendering the same color shades from lip color to cheeks and eye makeup. This makeup usually co-ordinates with your outfits. It can be applied easily by the color that resembles your lips, eyes & cheeks.

Fresh and Glowing Skin

When it comes to the newest bridal makeup trends, Fresh and Glowing skin is always eye-catching. For the wedding day, a combination of bold and natural is always beautiful. Thus one can go for bold eyes and strong lips along with fresh and glowing skin.

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Goth Lips

Goth Lips are usually the makeup artist of going bolder, denser, and darker lips. Color of your own choice is selected with which you are comfortable. The most popular shade which is applied during this style of makeup is red.

Softer and Naturally Groomed Brows

Softer and Naturally groomed Brows are in the top bridal makeup trend for the year 2019. Nowadays women are preferring simple brow maintenance as compared to the more intense HD brow treatments. Unlike the traditional style of waxing, this style of threading leaves a cleaner finish rather than pulling out the delicate skin of your bow area.

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The Classic Lip

The Pinkish shade of lips totally replaces the vibrant red lip colors and helps in boosting your skin tone. The right shade of pink which matches your skin tone can render you a modern matched. It also provides feel fresh look during your wedding day.

Natural, Soft, and Dewy Makeup

This most popular makeup trend among fashion models and celeb around the globe is inspired by the “Glass Skin” which is the Korean Beauty Trend. This latest makeup trend renders a calm, flattening, softer, fresh, and attractive look to the bride.

Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eyes is the new bridal trend for the year 2019. This versatile style of makeup begins with the dark color near the eyelash line and a dark lid that creates a Smokey or blurred effect around eyes.

So, be the show stopper in your wedding by choosing the bridal makeup by Jewel Beauty Creations.