However, with the endless shades of lipstick available in the market, it is very difficult to pick the right one for yourself. Here we compiled an article which helps you in choosing the right shades of lipstick depends on your skin tone, undertone, occasions, lip size, hair and eyes colors.

Your makeup box can be pretty overwhelming with the uncountable shades of lipsticks, stains, and glosses. However, the confusion arises in selecting the shades of lipstick which can be best suited to your personality. As everyone knows that the lipstick can impart you instant glow with a miraculous look. Just putting a trendy lipstick shade can enhance your look to the maximum extent.

Determine your skin tone

Determining the skin tone is the beginner step in choosing the right shade of lipstick. Depends on the various types of skin complexion such as light, fair, tan, medium, and deep the color of lipstick may vary. Various skin tone and their perfect lipstick shades are as follows:-

Wheatish skin tone

Warmer lip shades such as orange or red are best suited to wheatish skin tone. However, every color from dark to light will also suit well. A thin layer of the cushion foundation with kohl eyes can make the look more attractive.

Fair or Light Skintone

Lip Shades of mauve, peaches, and pink can accentuate your skin tone. Mattes is always being a hot choice for fairer skin tone. Apart from these shades such as coral, light pink, dusty red, and nude looks great with light or fair skin tone. Light eyes with bold lips or vice versa can help in enhancing your looks.

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Medium or Neutral Skin Tone

For Neutral or medium skin tone one can go for violet, brown, dark pink, cherry red, berry, and rose colors shade of lipstick. Moreover, it renders a gorgeous look with the medium skin tone.

Tan skin tone

Shades of lipstick like deep pink, rock corals, and other colors shades except purple or brown shades can do justice with the tan skin tone.

Dark Skin Tone

Purple and brown lip shades like caramel, plum, blue-based reds, and wine are best suited for a darker skin tone.

shades lipstick tone

Determine your skin undertone

By determining your skin undertone one will be more comfortable in selecting the right lipstick shade. Basically there are three major types of undertone such as warm, neutral, and cool. However one must avoid colors with ashy, grey, and overly pale as they can often make you look unhealthy. Most importantly the selection of the perfect shades of lipstick depends on the type of undertone too.

Warm Undertone

One should opt for peachy nudes or pale pink for light or fair skin. Furthermore, bronze or copper shades of lipstick is best suited for medium, deep, and tan skin.

Cool Undertone

Nude or soft mocha can be an optimal choice for the lady with light or fair skin. However, for the medium skin tone, cranberry or pink shades can do the needful. Wine or Ruby shades are the best choices for a tan or deep skin.

Neutral Undertone

Lipstick shades suited to both warm and cool skin undertone can be magical in case of neutral undertone.

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Size of the lips

For Plump lips, one must avoid using the shades of lipstick that are too glossy and light with a glittery texture. However, women with thin lips should avoid flashy and dark lipstick colors. As a result, it will make your lips look thinner. Creamy and glossy lipstick shades can be a good option for them.

undertone lipstick shade.

The shape of your lips

For the Top heavy lips, a darker shade on the upper lip and slightly brighter shade of the same color lipstick shade is perfect.  Whereas, for the lips with heavier bottom color that suits your undertone with a little bit of nude color in the center part of the upper lip is a good combination. However, use a lip pencil such as shade similar to the lipstick color that is used to outline the lips can be used for asymmetrical lips.

Colors of Hairs

For dark hairs with light and fair skin, scarlet, bright pink, plum, and cherry colors are best. However, colors such as purple-pink, scarlet, dusty pink, and light pink are the ample choice for the women with fair and light skin along with blonde hairs.

Furthermore, women with dark hairs along with deep and tan skin can go for ochre, golden beige, bronze, and terracotta colors. Whereas caramel, salmon pink, warm pink, and ochre are best-suited colors to the women with blonde hairs with deep and tan skin.

Colors shades such as pink, deep dusty pinks, beige, and corals are the perfect choice for Women with brown hairs and medium skin tone. For the red hairs and fair skin women, burnt sienna, corals, salmon pink, and terracotta are best choices.

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Eye color

Bright reds, light pink, and brown lipstick colors are the perfect choice for girls with brown eyes. However for blue eyes, one must go for different shades of scarlet or cherry colors. If someone is having green eyes than pink and terracotta is the amplest choice. Moreover, plum and nudes colors are best for girls with green eyes.