Lipstick is one of the most trending cosmetic product made up of oils, pigments, emollients, and waxes which apply texture, color, and protection to the lips. Without a doubt, Lipstick always draws attention and make yourself more attractive. As the trend of lipstick is increasing day by day, subsequently the shades of lipstick are increasing too. Moreover, one can find an uncountable variety of shades of Lipstick. Nowadays, Color options of Lipstick are increasingly endless.

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However, the major question arises is that, “Which lipstick shades are in trend and suited the best?”

Buying and selecting the optimum shade of Lipstick is a very confusing task for many women. Furthermore, the choice of lipstick depends on three major factors. They are:-

Occasion – Shades of lipstick usually varies with the importance and type of occasions and the dress which can be wore in the respective function.

Skin Tone – Whether Fair, darker, or medium, there are different shades of lipstick for everyone

The texture of Lipstick – Different texture of Lipsticks includes glosses, matte, and stains from which one has to select according to the shade which is best suited.

To solve this confusion, I had listed the top trending Lipstick shades. They are:-

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Orange is the best-suited lipstick shade for young girls. This playful lipstick color is far beyond the conventional look and in trend for the upcoming years. This shade of pink is a perfect combination with nude eyes. Moreover, adding Goth eye makeup can also enhance your looks. However, this can also render a disastrous look if the right outfit is not selected.

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Rich Red

Red is one of the popular and tradition lip color that looks marvelous on anyone. Moreover, this lip shade is the most trending lip color with rosy or pinkish hues. This imparts the boldest and dashing look to the women. Many Bollywood stars and models are using this lipstick shade as the style icon. In addition to this, outline the lips with red lip liner can add to the beauty. Traditionally this lipstick shade is famous among married women but nowadays it is famous among young girls too.


Deeper shades of purple lip color can be a spanking choice for both cool and warm undertones. Purple shade of Lipstick contrasts beautifully with Indian skin tone and brown eyes. However, applying light purple shade may not add up your beauty.


An eye-catching color for every day’s wearing, peach is one of the most trending lip shade colors. It is one of the spanking choices for office and along with some lip gloss can render a beautiful look in the party. Moreover, with the nude eyes, this lip shade is the fresh summery look.


Red with Purple Undertone

Red with Purple undertone is the favorite Lipstick shade choice for Indian Women. This is a spanking lipstick choice for a showstopper look at night outs. This flirty and the feminine color is the best substitution for those who are not opting for Rich red. This is the best-suited lip color for day time also with the nude lip gloss. However, one can opt for sparkly lip gloss for a night out.

Matte Coral Pink

This beautiful shade of lipstick is brilliant for an everyday look. However the color of the Matte Coral Pink is not too bold, but it is ample to impart you a show stopper look. Apart from it, this shade of lipstick is good for the natural look. This shade of Lipstick suits best on Indian women, especially with the fair skin.

So, choose the best lip color from the above-listed lipstick shades for the graceful look which will add to your beauty.