petrolum jel

Petroleum Jelly or Petrolatum is an amalgam of waxes and mineral oils forming a jelly-like substance. Robert Augustus Chesebrough eventually discovered this product in 1859, after noticing the use of gooey jelly by the oil workers to heal their burns and wounds. Later he starts packaging this jelly as “Vaseline”. Moreover, petroleum which an ingredient of the Petroleum Jelly helps in covering your skin with a water protective barrier. As a result, our skin heals by retaining moisture.

Uses and Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

Can be made as a homemade Lip Scrub

Petroleum Jelly is known as powerful lip protection and renders the brilliant shine to the lips. Petroleum jelly helps in removing the flaky skin by putting a small amount of Petroleum Jelly on a clean, soft, and dry toothbrush and gently scrubbing your lips. Moreover, it is very helpful in keeping the lips soft and smooth.

Clear up Dry Skin Patches

In the case of dry skin, Petroleum jelly is very useful. Applying jelly to the areas will lock in the oils and natural moisture. This in turns fulfills all the needs of your skin and gives you healthy and hydrated skin.

A Perfect Manicure Aid

Before painting your nails just apply a small amount of Petroleum Jelly outside it. As a result, your nail paint won’t spread outside the lines of your nails. It will render the smooth finish to your nails.

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Protection against dry skin

Petroleum Jelly acts as a barrier to your skin from harsh weather conditions like strong winds, dusty winds, etc. Moreover, petroleum jelly helps in locking the moisture in the skin which results in the protection from the drying effect of cold, sun, and wind.

Cracked heels

Petroleum Jelly is the finest remedy to the cracked heels. Take warm water and add some salt into it. Soak your feet in the water. After that dry your feet with the help of a neat and clean towel. Then after applying petroleum jelly to the cracked portions of the heel.

Rejuvenate Dull Skin

Petroleum Jelly helps in making your skin look radiant and youthful. Moreover, it helps in the overhaul of tired and dry skin. Petroleum Jelly locks the moisture by creating a sealing barrier on the surface of the skin. This in turn help in protecting the natural recovery process of your skin. Moreover, petroleum jelly helps in the natural renewal process for cells that flake off the damaged skin cells. For reducing the fine lines around eyes, Petroleum Jelly is recommended.

Hydrate or Moisturize Your Skin

Petroleum Jelly acts as the miraculous moisturizer and hydrates the skin as it locks the moisture in the skin by acting a barrier to it. Petroleum jelly acts in healing the dry skin by locking moisture within the stratum corneum which is known as the surface skin. To keep your lips, face, and body hydrated throughout the day, petroleum jelly is used. It also acts as a body and face lotion after the shower. One can also apply it in the dry nose during allergy or cold season.

Create a Dewy Glow

Petroleum jelly helps in creating a beautiful glow and accentuates the apples of your cheeks.

Tame your Eyebrows

Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly helps in giving a tamed look all day long. One can apply the jelly using index finger smoothly over the arches of the eyebrows.

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Remove eye makeup

Petroleum jelly is an effective and safest way to remove makeup from the eye area. A cotton pad must be used gently on your skin to apply petroleum jelly. However, for the area which is very sensitive and hard to reach one can opt for Q-tip also. Moreover, as you apply the jelly to the areas near your eye, it is always recommended to close your eyes.

Save split ends

Drying up the hairs by pool water, wind, and the sun is the common problem that accelerates the split ends issues. Petroleum jelly can helps in increasing the shine of hairs as well as reduces the split ends too. One can apply petroleum jelly on the hairs by rubbing it between the palms.

Prevent staining of skin from nail polish or hair dye

The use of petroleum jelly can be seen in preventing the staining of the skin while applying hair dyes or nail polish. Petroleum jelly creates a barrier on the surface of the skin which is effective to wipe out the stains from the skin.

Preserve perfume scents

The use of petroleum jelly is miraculous in keeping the fragrance of the perfume for a longer time. It intact the fragrance of perfume and acts as a base for your perfume.

Use as a lubricant for stuck objects

Petroleum jelly can helps you in getting rid of the stuck objects such as a ring in your fingers. Putting some jelly around the stuck object can instantly help in slipping of the object.

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