Maternity Photoshoot Makeup

Maternity Photoshoot is the finest way to document your precious moment of life, i.e. pregnancy. In trends nowadays, it is one of the finest ways to preserve the moments of the baby inside the mother’s womb. This is, in fact, the memory that makes you happy every time you see them. The first and foremost rule of the Maternity Photoshoot is, “Don’t be shy about your growing body“.

Apart from a good photographer, stunning locations, and beautiful dresses, maternity Makeup is one of the most essential parts of the Photoshoot. Makeup during the photo shoot is to be done in such a way that it enhances the glow of your face multiple times. This in turn generates the need for a professional Maternity Makeup artist. Professional Makeup artists help in enhancing the beauty of pregnant women even when they are feeling sick, uncomfortable, and fat.

Here I listed some of the superlative tips for the Maternity Photoshoot Makeup. These are:-

Clean Fresh Face

Starting with a clean fresh face is always a good option for a Maternity Photoshoot. Moisturizers can also be a good option. Plucking of hairs must be done a night before the photoshoot to avoid congest of open hairs follicle with makeup rendering blackheads or future breakouts. 

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Matte Makeup

One of the best foundation choices during your Maternity photoshoot is Matte Makeup. However, if your skin is dry, one must not opt for matt foundations. Moreover, one can go for a super hydrating moisturizer beneath your foundation so that it doesn’t give a dull look. For the women who don’t like matt, sprinkling a hydrating mineral charged water imparts the glow to the face.

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Apply Makeup in Natural Light

Applying the makeup in dim or heavy lighting can degrade your makeup look. Thus applying makeup in natural light is the best option. However, sitting by the window can do the needful but take care of the fact that sunlight won’t directly hit your face. Moreover, one must avoid makeup in mood or yellow light. In fact, white light is the most suited one.

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Golden Tinted Powder

While applying maternity makeup, the use of golden tinted powder is highly recommended. Apart from white, pink, or shinny powder, the golden tint will impart a warmth look without heavy makeup. However, if someone feels the need for adding more, you can add during the photoshoot too. Moreover, always remember to blot the excess oil with blotting paper or tissues before applying powder.

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Choose warmth Concealers

While choosing the concealer, go for a peachy tone instead of a yellow or white tone. Moreover, the concealer must be one or two shades lighter than the foundation you are using. Two bright or white concealer can give a camera flashback or grey undertone. However, for the women having dark circles, a small amount of Pink or Orange concealer can do the work.

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Black eyeliner and mascara

Using black eyeliners and mascara will help to frame your eyes during your Maternity Photoshoot. It will surely go for fair skin blonde moms too.

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A good Blush

A good blush will always help you from looking washed out but keep in mind not to overdo it. Simple a little on and the blend is sufficient. Moreover going for both blush and bronzer can be a good option. Blush on the apples of cheeks and bronzer to contour your face gives a healthy glow.

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It is the undetectable part of Maternity Photoshoot makeup. Applying lipstick will helps in contrasting your lips which is a prominent feature in your face. Although the brighter color is not recommended during the maternity photoshoot. Moreover, one can go for nude or bold lipstick shade.


Soft curls are the most popular hairstyle used by the best hairstylist for a maternity photoshoot. Before going for a maternity shoot, your hairs must be washed properly and dried. They must be free from products too. After brushing your hairs bifurcate them horizontally starting at the neck’s nape with a thickness of around 1.5 inches. Divide the bottom section of hairs into three or four sections vertically.