Modelling a Portfolio photoshoot is the initial step to enter the modeling industry. It is basically equivalent to the resume during your interviews. When someone is considering you as a model, Modelling Portfolio Photoshoot is the first and only impression of yours that an agency can get. This photoshoot is not only a collection of images that can become your memories, but it is the representation of your experience and talent in front of others. The photographs clicked at the time of the portfolio photoshoot will always make you count at your workplace.

Portfolio Photoshoot – Gateway to your Modelling Carrer

A miraculous portfolio photoshoot must be required to kick start your career as an aspirant model. So for a stunning Portfolio Photoshoot, one must consider dresses, makeup, hairstyle, poses, etc. Good Makeup and graceful hairstyle are one of the undetectable parts of a Portfolio Photoshoot. So, one must choose the best makeup artists and hairstylists in order to do the best Portfolio Photoshoot.

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In this article, I harmonize some of the makeup and hairstylist tips to facilitate your portfolio photoshoot makeup.

Makeup Style

For the portfolio Photoshoot, the three proven makeup style includes winged eye makeup, Smokey eye makeup, and nude makeup too. Winged eye makeup and Smokey eye makeup helps in increasing the allurement of the face. Moreover, one can opt for nude makeup for a simple look. However, the coolest look is the simplest look. These three makeup styles can fit on all concepts and faces.

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Be Careful while doing Makeup

Portfolio photoshoot makeup must be done very carefully and must be bright enough so that it can be seen using flashlights. Moreover, one cannot hide any mistakes from the eyes of the camera. So, the makeup artist must avoid silly mistakes that cannot be visible in real life but can be visible in the closeup image during portfolio photoshoot.

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Makeup artist during Photoshoot

The need for the best Portfolio Makeup artist and hairstylist does not end before the shoot. You will require them during the photoshoot too. Portfolio Photoshoot Makeup artist not only styles the model before the shoot but also helps in between of the photoshoot y fixing any flaws like smudged lipstick, stray hairs.

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Healthy and clean hair

Healthy and clean hair is recommended at the time of Portfolio Photoshoot. Apart from rendering a stunning look it also saves your time before a Photoshoot. Wash your hair day before your shoot to make it clean. However, avoid washing it on the same day because the perfectly clean hair can be harder to style. If you are having a photoshoot in one week’s span of time, don’t wash your hair daily either take the rest of two-three days. Over-washing can result in making your hair oilier. Also, make sure that your hair is perfectly dried at the time of photoshoot.

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Glowy and flawless skin

Preparing your skin for the next day photoshoot is one of the most important things. Models must be having glowy and flawless skin for the portfolio photoshoot. Ensure that before going to bed in the night before the photoshoot, clean & remove all dirt particles from your face. Keeping the skin hydrated and moist using a good moisturizer is very important.

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Nail Paints

Nail Paints during Portfolio Photoshoot must be clear or nude. As the portfolio Photoshoot is mainly about your looks, so highlighting your face is most important rather than your nails. Nude Nails won’t draw attention away from your beautiful face. Moreover, highlighting your nails with bright colors will draw the attention of others towards your nails rather than your face.

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Remove Unwanted Hairs

All the unwanted hairs such as hands, upper lips, and brows must be removed properly, as they can be highlighted on the camera.

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Highlight your eyes and Cheekbones

Focus on contour and highlight your eyes and cheekbones. Contour the sides of your nose, the lower part of your cheekbone, and around the hairline with a darker color. However, the inner corners of your eyes, the top length of your nose, tops of your cheekbones, and Cupid’s bow must be highlighted with a lighter shade.

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Yellow-Tinted Powder

Use a yellow-tinted powder in setting up your makeup so that it helps in reducing the redness of your skin.

lighter lip shades

The lighter lip shades are best suited for Portfolio Photoshoot. Shades of Lipstick such as nude, light brown, and light pink are widely recommended.

Natural eyebrows

The best suited eyebrows for the portfolio Photoshoot is natural eyebrows. It multi folds the looks of the model during Photoshoot. 

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Visible Makeup

Portfolio Makeup must be more visible than everyday makeup. As one cannot hide any anomalies from the eye of the camera. For the spanking makeup, a makeup artist must use bright lights for doing makeup.

Long Eyelashes

Long Eyelashes are nowadays in trends for the portfolio photoshoot makeup.