As we grow old, the working of the pigments cells slows down which can cause a less melanin production in our hair. As a result deteriorating of cuticles starts and the hairs turn grey. However, aging is a natural process and cannot be avoided at an older age. But due to hectic and modern lifestyle, people start complaining about white hairs at an early age. To avoid this, many natural hair treatments are available which can reduce the aging process along with increasing the strength and shine of hairs. The essential food items that can prevent early whitening of hairs are as follows:-

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Black colors of hairs can be retained for the long times with a high concentration of minerals like Zinc. However, Prawns and other seafood like shellfish are having high Zinc concentration in it. As a result, Prawns is one of the natural food helps in keeping the black color of the hairs intact. Apart from this, vegetarian foods like cheese and seeds are also helpful in maintaining the Zinc level inside our hairs.


Although Folic acid is an essential need for a pregnant woman. Although, you can also link its need with the black and shiny hairs too. According to the experts, the lack of folic acid inside the hairs can cause a premature greying. However, Broccoli which is a rich source of Folic acid can aid you in this problem. Vegetable such as broccoli, beans, lentils, asparagus, and peas can help in maintaining the level of folic acid and stop the premature greying of the hairs. Apart from this, Broccoli is a natural and rich source of vital minerals and vitamins that can help in avoiding premature greying and maintains the shine and color of your hairs.



Reduction in the level of Vitamin B12 can result in thinning, dry and prematurely greying hairs. Moreover, Chicken which is a rich source of Vitamin B12 can help in maintaining your vitamin level and overcoming the problem of white hairs.


Amla is one of the famous and ancient ingredients which is used as a remedy against hair problems. It is helpful in maintaining the strength and shine of hairs. Amla is also a major ingredient of many hair oils too and rich in Vitamin C and vital minerals.


Green smoothie made up of green vegetable are also good for your hairs. Drinks made up of celery, spinach, and cabbage are ideal for overcoming the problem of white hairs.

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Copper is one of the crucial substance in the production of Melanin. Moreover, walnut which is a rich source of copper will impart the natural pigments to the hairs.


Spirulina is a green-blue algae which is also a major source of vitamins, amino acids, protein, and essential minerals. As a result, it helps in delaying the greyish hairs and maintain its shine.

Things which must be avoided

The above-listed items are helpful in preventing the early white hairs. However, one has to look to the items which can enhance the whiteness of hairs. The foods items which must be avoided are:-

Refined Sugar

Consumption of Refined sugar always speeds up the aging process and makes your hairs white very quickly. Start opting for alternatives to refined sugar such as honey to maintain the shining and color of your hairs.


Oily & Fried Foods

Oily and fried foods will affect your digestive system very badly which in turns reduces the nourishment level of your hairs. Thus it can increase the early signs of aging.

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Avoid Smoking and drinking

If you want to maintain the color, shine, and strength of your hairs, avoid smoking and drinking from today only.