Hair Braids are always a major point of interest when someone is talking about gorgeous looks. While selecting the perfect dress and type of makeup, one must consider the type of hairstyle which best chooses the combination and impart the eye-catching looks. However, in the past People usually, consider the braid as the simplest 3 strand braid made during the schools only.

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With the change in time, different variations of braids had evolved depending on the type of occasions. Whether it is a wedding day, festivals, engagement, or even your workplace, one can choose the various types of braids for various functions. Thus the hairs braids nowadays are so versatile. One can combine buns, ponytails or other hairstyles in a simple or labyrinthine way. Moreover, before going for a suitable hair braid one must know about the basic style of hair braiding. Here I compiled the list of different types of hair braids which looks attractive on every occasion.


Braided Bun

This hairstyle is great and innovative way to pull the hairs out of your face along with a braid to add flair to the hairs. This style of hair is very relaxing and cool.

Double-Bun Braids

Also known as space buns, this sporty braided double bun is the amplest hairstyle for summer days. Double Bun Braids hairstyle is gentle, easy, and quick on natural hairs.

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Two Braids in One

This fancy and voluminous side braid is simply the amalgam of two regular braids which are smashed together rendering an eye-catching look. This is one of the prettiest hairstyles which is simple in making.


Side Bun

Side Bun is one f the cutest and quick style of hair with different variations. This hairstyle can be adjusted for special occasions to a casual beach visit. This hairstyle includes one twisting hair till the end while another close the braid, in the end, imparting a bun look to the hairs. Most of them come with a “messy” look with free-hanging wisps and loosely pinned hair.

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Crown Braid

Crown Braid is a posh hair look ample for a ritzy or wedding events. Also known as Halo Braid. During any festivals or special occasions, this beautiful hairstyle can be dressed up. Over the last few years, Crown Braids become the most popular hairstyle among the girls too.

Waterfall Twist

This is one of the hairstyles which is not actually a braid but simply a twist. However Less confusing, this hairstyle can handle two hair strands at one time.

French Braids

Originated in North Africa and later adopted in France, this hairstyle is also known as French Plait type of braided hairstyle. However initially this hairstyle is a bit complicated to make but with regular practice, it will become an easy task. This three thin hair braid on the top looks very chicky. Moreover, one can opt for a bun at the back or can make them open hair.


90s-Inspired Pigtails

This 90s inspired pigtail reminds of the looks of young Britney Spears. This beautiful and trendy hairstyle is the throwback of 90s fashion along with the current fashion trend. This is one of the optimum hairstyle suited for short-haired girls.

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Embellished Chignon

Embellished Chignon hairstyle is the piece of more delicate handwork better than a beginner braid which looks a prettier and romantic look.

Beginner’s Boho Braid

This is one of the stylish and trendy hairstyles which is very easy to create. Beginner’s Boho Braid is also referred to as the half-up braided crown.

Faux Fishtail

Faux Fishtail hairstyle often looks like a fishtail braid. However, in this very simple and easiier hairstyle, no braiding is involved. Four “Topsy Tails” featured this style of hairs.


The Hidden Half-Up

Paired up with the classic half-up style of hairs, this hidden braids paired is the spanking amalgam of playful and subtle.

Hair in Knots

Best suited for minimal flyaways and clean hairs, this is one of the unique hairstyles. By using a smoothing serum, this gentle and attractive hairstyle can be made.

Half-Up Twist

Usually comes with zero braids, this designs is a very simple hairstyle. Moreover, with a couple of twist along with a few pins, this is one of the striking hairstyles. 


This is one of the most recommended and trending hairstyles for the long hairs. It can be twisted on the head or even substitute for an up do. Moreover, this hairstyle will also render an attractive look by getting messier too.