Color Correction Makeup

Color correction in the makeup is done by the best makeup artists to eradicate ruddiness, hide veins, erase the early signs of aging, and brighten under-eye circles. However, the color correcting technique is not a new one, but makeup artists and beauty companies are implementing these techniques for many years.

In old times pastel shades can be seen everywhere by makeup artists that end up in yellow orbital areas and green pimples. However, with the modern color correcting techniques, the makeup artist in Dehradun evolves themselves in the vibrant field of makeup.

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What is Color Correction?

According to the makeup artist, color correction is the modern style of using powders, colorful primers, and concealers. It is a perfect remedy to correct various skin tone related issues. Unlike the regular foundations and concealers that only covers imperfections, these yellow, green, coral, and lavender-hued formula helps in targeting various problems such as dullness, redness, under-eye circle, and dark spots. Color correction methods usually cancel out the following skin-related issues applying the opposite shades. Moreover, it hides the skin imperfections and is good for anyone with dark spots, scars, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles. Many times a slight skin discoloration issues can be tackled by your foundation and concealer, but for perfection, a color-correcting foundation and concealer can do the trick.

Use of Color Correcting

Color correction techniques are not for makeup minimalists or newbies. Moreover one can easily solve their beauty abeyance with the help of concealers or foundations. But for serious skin-related issues such as dark spots, acne scars, discoloration, and rosacea one must opt for the color correcting techniques.

Color Correcting Makeup Tips

Determining the correct color shade

In color-correcting techniques, the major question that arises frequently is, “What Color corrector shade is best for me?”. However, choosing the right color correcting concealer goes down to the two major factors that are consistency and color. For the women having a dernier case of discoloration, more intense hue products can be used. To eradicate mild to moderate discoloration, a sheerer formula of color correcting concealer in a softer hue can be used. One can refer to the color wheel for complementary colors or color opposite on the color wheel that cancel out each other.

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Various Color correcting concealer shades are as follows:-

Red, Peach, and Orange

Peach and Orange shades help in correcting blue hues, dark spots by aging, sun damage, or even under-eye circles. Whereas Orange shade is ample for covering a blue bruise. Shades like peach and light shade of orange covers the mild case of blues. Red and orange shades benefit deep skin tones. For covering hyperpigmentation make artists usually suggest each shade of color correcting concealer. For deeper skin tones, one must go for Naked Skin Shapeshifter Palette in a dark and medium shift. Moreover, an Orange or red hue palette is used for covering spots and dark circles.

Pink Color

The Pink shade helps n correcting mild green and yellow hues, sallow skin, and brightening overly olive. Moreover, very light Pink shade is awesome for highlighting. Sweeping some pinkish shades on the cheekbones or in the inner corners of the eyes can render a glamorous look. Many branded Color correcting Pen in Pink is super portable and also imparts an airbrushed and smooth finish.

Green Color

Extreme redness such as rashes, skin sensitivities, birthmarks, etc. can be corrected by Green shade. However, one can use sheerer formulas for redness of moderate types. However, it can draw unnecessary attention towards the spot if it is used in the excess quantity. Moreover, for the angry red acne marks, a green color concealer is best.


For Mild red and pink hues, the yellow hue is best. One can use yellow over green hues for correcting the skin related problems such as broken capillaries and mild sensitivities. Also for the redness around the mouth and nose, yellow is always a preferred choice.

color correcting Shades

How to apply it?

Before applying the color correcting concealer, keep in mind that less is always more. After applying the proper color correcting concealer, gentle press the foundation and apply the concealer with a makeup sponge. Always keep in mind to not swipe the foundation. Applying this technique, one will ensure the proper color correcting concealer.