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Excited about your wedding day? Planning to look perfect on your day of the wedding?

As the wedding day approaches, women are always excited about their looks from head to toe. In addition to the best bridal makeups, one must also look forward to the good and professional hairstylist and hair care center. In order to get a stylish hair look, one must have to take extreme care of their hairs. For this one will rush to the nearest beauty salon and professional hairstylists. In addition, one must avoid exposure to pollution to prevent hair damage. In this article, you would come across certain bridal hair tips for healthy hairs. Certain tips for pre-bridal hair care are:-

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Swathe your hairs in a soft scarf

One can wrap a silk and satin scarf completely around your hairs, In case you don’t want to tie your hairs. As a result of gentle tying of hairs reduces the friction between the surface you sleep on and your hairs. Moreover, the soft fabric of your scarf will not damage your hairs. By this way, you can prevent your hair fall damage in the morning during the combing of hairs.

Avoid sleeping with wet hairs

Sleeping with damp or wet hairs can result in the two major negative effects. Most importantly, this can result in making your pillow wet which can result in various kinds of infection. Apart from this, sleeping with wet hair can make your hairs looks messy and badly tangle some.

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Make a loose braid

Most importantly avoid sleeping with open hairs. Before going to sleep, brush your hairs gently and make a simple & loose bun or braid. One can go for two pigtails for better results. As tying your hairs too tight can results in the breakage of hairs. Moreover lovely and loose locks can also help you in overcoming the problem of entangling.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

For nourished deep conditioning of hairs, one can make a smooth mixture of egg with curd and apply gently on the hairs. This will end up in nourishing your hairs with the goodness of protein. Besides this, you have to treat your hairs with an amalgam of olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil once in a week. You can go for turban therapy for rejuvenating your hair artificially.

Say No to Chemicals

Avoid the use of chemical-based hair styling and hair care products. Alternatively one can go for natural & homemade products such as Retha or soap-nut shampoo and concoction of baking soda and water. Apple cider vinegar can be best used as a natural conditioner.

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Dry Massage

This is one of the optimal hair care methods for those having oily hairs. Massaging your hairs with fingers increases the circulation of blood. Also, it helps in facilitating the growth of hairs too. Avoid giving too much pressure as it can result in hair fall.

Avoid Hair Colors

Say No to hairs colors. Alternatively one can go for natural henna mix coloring. One can opt for henna soaked in coffee powder or tea. This is the best hair therapy for vanishing grey hairs and rendering a sufficient dose of natural homemade treatments. Adding lots of fruits, vegetable, and nuts to your diet can be the best hair care treatment with zero side effects. Drink gallons of water for the proper nourishment and health of your hairs.

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