Diamond, as we all know, is one of the famous jewel stone which imparts an outstanding and attractive look to anyone. It is indeed a majestic stone to add sparkles to your jewelry. However, it is also a truth that affording the diamond is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Apart from diamond, there are so many ethical and elegant alternatives to the diamond which can also enhance your looks. Most of them are budget-friendly and can easily affordable by every one of us. Also, many synthetic and man-made gemstone can be an eco-friendly gemstone which can reduce the loads on natural resources. These gemstones render a mesmerizing look in the events, weddings, and other special occasions within an affordable range.

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There is a list of alternatives to the diamond which will give a stunning look without harming the environment and reduce the cutoff of your pockets too. These are:-


Moonstone, a common variety of the family of feldspar is the makeup of 60% of the Earth’s crust. Although the most common earth’s mineral, Moonstone is a rare gemstone due to its quality. Moreover, its magnificent way of diffusing light makes it a beautiful and attractive alternative to diamond jewelry.


Moissanite is naturally occurring crystals in meteorites. It is as hard, scuff-resistant, and dense as a diamond and is having a magnificent sparkle and light dispersion ability. It is often termed as a lab-made diamonds which is now producing for a fraction of cost in the laboratory also. Moreover, it is always tough to distinguish Moissanite from diamonds even by the experts.



Lab-grown diamonds are very identical to the natural diamonds, which are created using fragments of pre-existing diamonds. Moreover, this class of jewel is eco-friendly and ethical in nature. Due to its sparkle and shining, this can be used as one of the best alternatives to the diamond.


With the bright and majestic royal blue color, Sapphire also contains trace elements like titanium and iron due to which it can be the best alternative to a diamond. However ranging from green to yellow, pink, orange, and purple, fancy sapphires are very much in trends for the wedding occasions. These fancy sapphires are nowadays in the trends and can make you look extraordinary. Furthermore, their bright and saturated hue is something which is always eye-catching rendering you the extraordinary looks. Besides a number of color options, Blue Sapphire is the most favorite one.

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This vibrant stone from ancient history is sufficient to make anyone fascinated about this gem. Moreover, ranging from pure green to the bluish-green saturation, emerald is usually found in the traditional round shape. Due to its saturation and shining surface, it is the amplest substitution to the diamond.


Morganite gemstone ring is a budget-friendly option for the alternative of a diamond. With the various majestic color options, this is a beautiful gemstone with the affordable price range. Furthermore, a high-quality Morganite is having a strong pink contrast.


Ruby is an expensive part of the corundum mineral species. It also includes sapphire. Moreover, its vibrant red color uses to shine more in the sunlight from its red fluorescence.



This organic and simple gemstone is a perfect choice for your engagement ring. With a delicate setting and design, it will enhance the grace of your engagement ring to the utmost extent. High Luster Pearl is having a majestic bright reflection.

Synthetic Gemstones

Synthetic version of the popular gemstones is an eco-friendly alternative of the traditional diamond jewelry. Moreover, if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to diamond, you must opt for Synthetic gemstones. Furthermore, these synthetic gemstones are having the same physical, chemical, and optical features similar to the actual gemstone. As a result, one can get the majestic looks of diamond in their budget without hampering the natural resources. However, one must go for the research before purchasing the synthetic gemstone.